Future focus strategic marketing, brand, and communication solutions.

Take the lead, have more control and be more cost-effective.

Get focused. Make your marketing smarter.

Change is now a constant. Disruption is occurring daily. The pace is relentless. You’re swamped by choice. Swamped by data. Your customers demand deeper experiences and you need to optimise every touchpoint. You need to focus on what is happening moment-to-moment.

Equally, you need to be focused on where you’re headed. You need to future-proof the ways you market your business, your brand, your products and services.  You need to think big and view your efforts through an all-encompassing perspective. This is where our skills and experience can help you find your competitive edge.


Commercialise your marketing strategy.

Future Focus Marketing is an adaptable strategic marketing group that ensures all of your marketing efforts are aligned with your overall plan. We help you connect the information you have with the people that need to read it, hear it, absorb it and act on it. We are your go-to resource to help deliver and see return for your marketing investment.

Navigate the future with confidence.

We are a team of thinkers working locally and globally.  We work with brands and businesses of all sizes from small to medium, large corporates and agencies.  We have extensive experience developing B2i (business to individual) strategies across 20 industry sectors.  Our real-world approach helps us think like your customers to ensure that you are focused on creating positive brand experiences to help transform your marketing to deliver results.

We investigate all discovery paths.

We ask ‘why?’ a lot. We think. We ask ‘why?’ some more. And we bring it all back to the customer and brand. What are their wants and needs? Not just for now, but into the future.

How’s your future looking?

Join us.  And let’s do extraordinary things together. 

We help clients solve business problems by fusing innovation, strategy and craft.

We are in business to help you commercialise your marketing, brand and communication strategy.

Our goal is to give you clarity and focus for your brand by:

  • Helping you align marketing objectives to your business objectives
  • Identify what marketing KPIs are most important to your business and your ROI
  • Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with personalised workshops to unearth insights to optimise your marketing approach
  • Developing and implementing a unique marketing strategy that maximises future opportunities
  • Safeguarding your marketing budget through real, measurable data

Meet the Founders

Q&A with Tina and Sharyn, co-founders of FFMG