We serve start-ups & entrepreneurs that are focused on the future. We provide end-to-end guidance and support from ideation to launch.

Business & Marketing Advisory / Mentoring

Tailored to focus on a business or personal brand. Work at your own pace.

Business & Marketing
Advisory / Mentoring


At FFMG, we are committed to supporting the growth of accelerating ventures; Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Start-ups. As a small growing business, we understand the challenges and the value of good mentors and advisors. We have surrounded ourselves with subject matter experts to keep us moving and growing.

Our role as an advisor and mentor is to transfer the lessons of experience, lessen knowledge-gaps with empathy and understanding, inspiration and support, and no judgment.


Our support to Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Start-ups extend over 15 years providing guidance, advice and support to Directors and their Boards. If you are seeking support, we have walked your shoes and worked closely with hundreds of business to not only give advice but help them with what needs doing. What we have learnt is, creating a to-do list is easy but holding their hand and guiding ‘how to do things’ is what’s needed most. Our point of difference is we make things happen; we are hands-on Mentors and Advisors, not just talkers. Our clients are accelerating ventures creating new products and services through the adoption of new technology, improved processes, and enhanced systems while others are diversifying their existing product and service range. We also support service providers and venture capitalists to help their investment in newfound businesses grow.


Our founder, Tina Manolitsas, is an experienced advisor, mentor and consultant delivering service to businesses of all type and size. Tina is a veteran lecturer applying her real-world experiences and learnings to teach at Australia’s leading universities.

Tina is FFMG’s Principle-Mentor. She facilitates and shares knowledge, skill and experience, with passionate individuals that need support to get better and better at what they do – grow their business.

At the heart of her leadership is a passion for, and commitment to, tailoring programs to meet Mentees learning needs resulting in professional growth and leadership development. Bringing experiences from 18+ industry sectors, a background of both agency and client-side management, and a network of matter specialists help her to deliver Mentees with additional support, Tina has an innate ability to navigate through problems to find solutions. 

We Can Help You Accelerate Your Impact

Wish. Do. Life gets better by change.

We help leaders find clarity and growth to thrive in business and ensure future sustainability.

Our services and programs are founded on years of working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Start-ups and in recent working with service providers, venture capitalists and philanthropic individuals and groups.

With this learning in mind, our methodology is not a one-size-fits-all, but rather a nurturing process that provides information, resources and support as needed. It helps overcome complexities and assists business owners to master their business and personal goals. We take time to understand you and your business, immerse ourselves in what keeps you up at night and help to understand your goals, aspiration and challenges before we give any guidance and advice.

Services for SME Owners, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Start-Ups



SERVICES FOR marketing teams


We asked our Mentees what was their favourite part of our program/experience?

Idea-To-Launch (iTL)
Business Support Program

The  Idea-To-Launch (iTL) Business Build Support Program provides SME’s and Entrepreneurs with access to a business program that helps them grow with assurance and ensures them they haven’t missed a step, from having an idea to launching their business.

Our specialist mentors work with curious minds to challenge their knowledge, to develop  skill and experience to help them reach their fullest potential.

Our goal is to provide them with a stepped program with support from subject matter specialists to grow their business and stretch their funding further. The program is comprehensive, agile and the least expensive way to bring their vision and strategy to life.

The Idea-To-Launch program is committed to partnering with today’s curious minds and innovators to help them grow into tomorrow’s next business success.

12-Month Program

Gives you enough time to focus on long-term growth and achieving personal and professional goals.

Idea-To-Launch (iTL) Program Approach

We are committed to helping businesses grow

Program Attributes


✓ Directs your thinking

✓ Steps you through a process, working each phase with knowledge, self-assurance and clarity to make informed, smart decisions about the next phase

✓ Build a network of subject matter experts who work together to get things done

✓ Tracks your progress

✓ Pinpoints when you need help and keeps you accountable to keep you moving



✓ Asked the hard questions, if you know the answers, you’re getting prepared, if you don’t know you need to before moving on

✓ To discover what you don’t know about your idea

✓ To work out how ready you are and what that means

✓ To understand the right business model for your situation and how to protect yourself and those you love and care for



✓ Focused on ‘should it be built’ versus 'can it be built’

✓ Clarity, if you are mistaking your idea as a vision as some ideas are not commercially savvy

✓ Transparency, if your first idea is the prototype you launch with

✓ Nous, is your solution geared to building a strategic business model

✓ Understanding, if customer craves for your concept and solution



✓ Feeling supported and inspired instead of overwhelming, confusion and uncertain

✓ Be an investigator as your hypotheses may not always prove right

✓ Be savvy, know your environment as a business are is built in a vacuum, but in a context

✓ Value commitment, patience and perseverance

✓ Celebrate wins!

iTL Program Framework

STAGE 1 & 2

Ideation & Exploration


Build confidence and know your idea in depth. Explore it end to end before investing your time, effort and money.

STAGE 3 & 4

Test & Develop


Have peace of mind knowing you're developing a solution that someone wants to be backed by credible research and robust testing.

STAGE 5 & 6

Design, Create & Build


Design and create a business model that drives growth, market share and produces profit and built on robust operational foundations.

iTL Program Leverages Great Business Minds

iTL Program participants leverage the insights of great business minds.

They receive one-on-one mentoring from subject matter specialists, Mentors at each stage of the process.

Mentors have expertise and experience across different disciplines and will guide participants every step of the way. They’ve been there before and know what it takes to help them succeed.

Mentors guide subjects including but not limited to:

  • Business strategy and set up
  • Product design and development
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Brand identity and development
  • Marketing strategy and Go-To-Market
  • IT
  • Network building
  • Business exit strategy


Speak to one of our mentoring subject matter specialists to learn how they will guide you to develop and commercialise your vision.

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