Our Difference

Our difference is our future focused approach to doing business, to keeping you brand relevant into the future.

Future Focus Marketing brings together six key disciplines to plan your future with strategic marketing foresight. Our processes assure that you are not left behind in an ever-evolving landscape.

Forward thinking

To keep pace with change, we ensure you are focused on looking at the future, your customers, your competitors, your people – allowing you to think through the future of the marketing function and determine the key drivers for your success.

Strategic capability

You bring your in-house knowledge and expertise to the table. We bring big picture thinking by using our 40 years of combined strategic marketing expertise, contacts, networks and team. Importantly, we don’t tell you what to do and leave you to work it out.  We work together to develop your brand, market your products and services, review your marketing investment, launch new initiatives and transcend your communications to reach a wider audience.


We only use tools and tactics that fit, align and integrate with your marketing strategy to meet set objectives.


We are nimble; we work onsite, alongside your marketing team and virtually, always adapting to your needs. We understand that the way we do business, the way people work and where they work continues to change rapidly and we work quickly within that context.

Mental toughness and resilience

We fight alongside you through the unanticipated business obstacles due to economic conditions and competitor challenges.  We will not waver, we will not tire, halfway to the finish line.   We are committed to providing long-term support to your organisation as you tackle challenges and transform, the way your brand experience is delivered to the end customer.

How do we do this – we practice daily habits to build mental muscle, so we deliver our best work

We treat every business dollar as a personal one

We respect your hard-earned dollars and treat your budget as if it’s ours. Effective marketing is not throwing dollars at it, it’s about being clever with those dollars.  We are smart with your budget, working hard to extract value at every juncture.