Who we work with

We work with curious minds with a desire to grow their opportunities.

We customise services to either work alongside existing marketing teams or provide counsel to organisations with limited marketing resources.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and innovators creating new brands, products and services or thinking differently about existing ones. We align ourselves in ways that allow us to be agile, customer-centric, share knowledge and transfer expertise.

We work with companies across multiple industry sectors on a local and international level, CEO’s, business owners, Directors of Business and Marketing, CMO’s and Marketing Managers from small to medium organisations. 

The common thread is they understand the need to future proof their business and are committed to creating a pathway to success.

We both know that we can’t predict the future. But it’s vital we prepare for it.

Size doesn’t matter – we design agile marketing plans to out-smart your competitors and create a thriving business and sustainable future.

Small to medium companies (SME’s) & Not-for-profit (NFP)

Small to medium sized companies and not-for-profits are continually looking for cost-effective ways to grow their brand and build their client pipeline. Their biggest challenge is where to centre their efforts to be noticed. Business development, sales or marketing?

Companies who believe sales and marketing are one and the same often end up spending a lot of money with little return. The smart ones recognise the difference and develop an integrated marketing and sales plan that aligns with their business objectives. They create a marketing strategy that supports strong sales results and use their marketing budget effectively. We’ve recognised traditional alone no longer works, we use new digital tools (AI technology) to gather intel to create future focused marketing plans.

Getting results from your marketing effort?

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Corporate & Government businesses

Large companies and Government organisations are often bestowed with resources, people and systems to build their brand, innovate and grow the business. However, your they can tend to build traditional marketing teams with limited skills in this ever-changing digital environment. With the emergence of new marketing tools and tactics as well as changing client demands, instant gratification has become the norm. Clients now expect a response in real time. They have difficult questions around new marketing platforms and methodologies. Your marketing team needs to be adaptive in order to move beyond traditional methods and keep pace with the changing digital environment.

Our team is agile and recognises the importance of working beyond what worked in the past. We can help to create a structure that elevates team members, identifies specialist skills that are needed to keep pace, support your budget and deliver to business objectives.

How progressive is your team structure, how agile are you?

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Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Agencies provide services to clients by employing specialists to deliver value to brands looking for a wide presence. But how can they move beyond responding to client briefs to being more strategic? How can they be more effective on filling their pipeline of work? This is now more critical than ever. Engaging a marketing strategist to work with clients is a service that is typically offered by the larger agencies.

What if you are a small to medium agency hoping to grow your scope of services? This is where Future Focus Marketing Group can step in and provide a freelance marketing strategist to fill a 12-month pipeline of work. You can be confident that your investment will deliver on ROI and add value to your existing client base, helping you take the next step in your business journey.

How invested are you in your business growth and securing a pipeline of work?

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