Our Methodology

Give your business the guidance to reach its goals for growth and the processes to achieve them.

Our methodology is simple. We customise a marketing framework to bring your vision to reality.

  1. Strategic analysis – understanding objectives, investment, infrastructure, audience, point of difference, positioning and message.

  2. Planning – formulating the value proposition of the product / service.

  3. Skills – help to identify the right mix and experience required to fulfil your marketing needs.

  4. Implementation – the tactics and tools needed; digital, online and print to gain brand / product or service awareness.

  5. Evaluation – ongoing evaluation and reporting of marketing performance.

Our approach generates robust plans.

Our future-focused approach delivers outcomes that achieve realistic change and progress.

It’s a partnership approach for organisations who have a known goal and key business objectives. We work with businesses that are looking to grow or drive momentum by being ‘meaningfully different’ but don’t yet have a clear roadmap on how their marketing will support them to get there.

Our dynamic team and integrated understanding of marketing enables us to quickly produce custom-tailored plans to meet your company’s needs and still be adaptable to change.  

Our approach involves:

  • Rigorous planning
  • Tailored methodologies
  • Deep listening
  • Sound project management practices
  • Quality customer service
  • Transferring skills and knowledge
  • Reports and resources that are fit for purpose
  • And lots of integrity

We work with clarity and flexibility

Future Focus marketing Group works across a huge variety of industries, companies of all shapes and sizes and the entire spectrum of working styles.

Some examples of the ways we work (both on-site and virtually) are:

  1. Develop a marketing strategy by taking your company objectives and designing an integrated strategic marketing plan around them. A roadmap to achieving your targets, in other words. Our marketing action plans list the expected ROI against each activity using our unique formula.

  2. Brand development. We elevate your go-to-market image and message to align with your future approach to marketing your business, products and services.

  3. Consult with CMO’s, Marketing Directors and Managers to create strategic marketing plans, deliver marketing projects and develop and design teams.

  4. Mentor marketing professionals, supporting them to develop the skills and knowledge that will facilitate the development of their marketing strategy.

  5. Marketing Confidante and Advisor to CEO’s, Directors and Business Owners looking to bridge their knowledge of marketing and create stronger relationships with their marketing team.

  6. Build teams by identifying the right skill sets and structures along with the right systems and processes to better maximise their marketing budget.